ADHD Treatment

Types of ADHD Treatment

Recent ADHD treatment research concludes that for adults, the first-line treatment should be medication. For only $80 a month, Anuri Health. supports patients with the tools needed to receive a personalized online treatment plan. Patients have monthly 15-minute follow up sessions that include supportive individual psychotherapy, a talk therapy that has shown to synergize with medication to provide an even more effective ADHD treatment. All this is done virtually.

Types of Medications

Once our ADHD clinician has recognized that treatment with medication is the best option, a choice between stimulants or non-stimulant medications must be made.

Taking patient history into account is important: when the patient has had an adverse reaction to a stimulant, or when stimulants are absolutely contraindicated, we must find another way to treat. Sometimes, a clinician might decide to prescribe non-stimulant medications instead. Non-stimulant medications use different active ingredients than stimulants but have similar effects on the symptoms of ADHD. Both stimulant and non-stimulant medications for ADHD are FDA-approved.